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Ballytober Primary School, Bushmills




At Ballytober we seek to deliver a broad and balanced numeracy curriculum, including aspects such as number, shape and space, measures, and handling data. We place an emphasis on the promotion of mental strategies which enable pupils to develop their number fluency and on the application of mathematics to everyday life. We help pupils to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts through the use of practical resources such as Cuisenaire Rods and Numicon.


Concrete – Pictorial - Abstract

We use the CPA approach where pupils first use CONCRETE materials to develop their understanding of concepts. The next stage is PICTORIAL representation and finally the pupils record their mathematical learning in ABSTRACT form.


Number Fun

Finally, we seek to encourage pupils’ enjoyment of mathematics through the use of Dave Godfrey’s Number Fun resources. This approach combines visualisation, animation, vocabulary, story, song and humour in powerful packages for learning, which help secure our pupils’ mastery of mathematics in a fun and engaging way.