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Ballytober Primary School, Bushmills




Ballytober Primary School is committed to enabling our pupils to develop healthy, positive relationships. Relationships and Sexuality Education is an important element of this commitment. The following statements are taken from the KS2 RSE curriculum and are used as guidance in our delivery of this aspect of the curriculum:-

  • Develop our self-awareness, self-respect and self-esteem.
  • Recognise how responsibilities change as we become older and more independent.
  • Explore and examine what influences our views, feelings and behaviour.
  • Examine and explore our own and others’ feelings and emotions.
  • Recognise that feelings may change at times of change and loss.
  • Know how the body grows and develops.
  • Be aware of the physical and emotional changes that take place during puberty.
  • Know how babies are conceived, grow and are born.
  • Be aware of the skills for parenting and the importance of good parenting.
  • Become aware of the potential danger of relationships with strangers or acquaintances, including good and bad touches.
  • Examine and explore the different types of families that exist.
  • Recognise the benefits of our friends and families.
  • Examine and explore the different types of families that exist, the roles within them, and the different responsibilities.

Collaboration with parents is an important element in this aspect of the curriculum. Parents are informed when more sensitive aspects (e.g. physical and emotional changes relating to puberty) are being covered and the school’s policy is available on the website. The Governors have approved the “Growing Up, Growing Wise” curriculum materials. These reflect the school’s Christian ethos and can be previewed on This site also provides useful resources for parents to use at home.